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Cub Scouts 8 - 10

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At 2nd Eltham Cubs we look upon the world with wonder and awe. H
ave you been a Cub Scout, or are you new to Scouting? Either way, you can join 2nd Eltham Cubs Scouts for excitement, independence, and some SERIOUS FUN!

There are SO MANY THINGS 2nd Eltham
Cubs Scout can do.

Try exciting outdoor adventures like rock climbing, abseiling, camping, bushwalking, sailing, gliding and flying, canoeing, and billy-karting!

Learn traditional Scouting skills like tying knots and using a map and compass!

Play games and make friends! Learn to 'do your best' at whatever you try and help others to ‘do their best’ too!

Visit exciting places! Help with community events or environment projects!

You will also learn heaps of useful things that will help you when you move up to the older Scouting Sections, as well as throughout your entire life.

All 2nd Eltham Cubs are good at and enjoy different things, but everyone gets to have a go at all the activities and you can earn heaps of cool badges to sew on your 2nd Eltham Cubs Scout uniform.We would love you to become part of the 2nd Eltham Scouts community. You can contact Simone on 0400 986 491 or you can find more 2nd Eltham Scouts contact details in the Contact Us Page

A note from the website editor and a dad of a 2nd Eltham Cubs Scout.
Over the last year my son has been able to...
Learn Campfire songs, hiking, camping, learn first aid, carve a wooden car, make a balsa wood plane, learn water safety, learn how to pitch a tent, learn firsthand about hygiene and its importance, learn about water conservation and caring for the environment, attend leadership councils, science experiments and so so much more. (and a ton of games) I can honestly say that he would have not done a tenth of that without being part of 2nd Eltham Cubs.
The great thing is that he is learning by doing and the team he is in gets caught up in the excitement of the moment. They don't realise that they are learning at all.
Nobody sits in front of the tv or computer and says "that was the best night of my life". In comparison some of the stuff that he is doing he will remember forever. As a dad I am proud to be part of that experience. The Eltham Scouts community provides the framework and is able to fall back on over 100 years’ experience. We reap the benefit of some very very smart people.  

Today I asked my son what was the best thing that he has done over the last year. Instead of answering he cut to the chase and said that he needs to learn more first aid. Can I help him please. Of course the answer is Yes!
I love the fact that all the sections help with 2nd Eltham Cubs. We have a Venturer helper from the 2nd Eltham Ventures section each Wednesday and the 2nd Eltham Rovers will come and teach a night here and there. Some of our older cubs went on camp recently with the 2nd Eltham Scouts and they learnt a great deal. You could see the change in the cubs as they were able to take on and beat new and exciting  challanges. All in all it is a great team effort.Look forward to seeing you soon at 2nd Eltham Scouts... WayneUpdate... This term he is going, Camping, Canoeing, Sailing, to a fire station, and to a regatta and swimming and a chocolate night.

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