Rover_Adventure - 2nd Eltham Sea Scouts

2nd Eltham Sea Scouts

Eltham Sea Scouts
Sea Scouts
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Beyond the Horizon with Eltham Scouts!

Be immersed in a Fun, Challenging and Inclusive environment

- Jelly wrestling
- Bonfire
- Chocolate body painting
- Macaroni night
- Alphabet soup
- Breakfast
- Making chocolate
- Formal dinner at fast food restaurant

Social activities such as balls, bush dances, harbour cruises, nights out, car rallies and “Moots” (gatherings of Rovers on a local, national and sometimes international level) will feature on an active Rover Scout’s program. There’s a limitless number of opportunities to get to know new people at Rover Scouts.

- Snorkelling
- Windsurfing
- Snow skiing
- Kite surfing
- Parasailing
- Raft race
- Street to Bay (local waterways cleanup)

Start your Journey towards becoming a scout

Discover your scouting experience today!

The Scouting Movement is all about producing leaders, and here’s where Rover Scouts get to shine. You’ll be able to help lead activities with other Scouting members, in addition to other community members, and make a difference in young people’s lives. This means a Working with Children Check for all over 18’s. You’ll also have opportunities to bring about positive change in your community.

- Repair a hiking track
- Pioneering
- Build animal nesting boxes on the trail
- Night hike
- Scuba Diving
- Snorkelling
- Tree

Launch into your scouting experience today.

Follow the magic of being a Scout!

- Winter Challenge
- Mudbash
- Raft Race
- Building a bar
- Beer can sculpting
- Car fix it night
- Carpentry

- Rover Vigil
- Hoadley Hide
- Mud Bash
- Take your pick of any hike or camp going in the group or the district - The whole of scouting is yours to camp.

Action is at the core of all Rover Scout activities. And it’s your choice what you do whether it’s kayaking, canyoning, hiking, camping in the snow or even planning an international expedition. There are heaps of international travel experiences for Rover Scouts to become involved in, with contingents leaving Australia every year to Scouting events in all parts of the globe, in addition to the individual travel opportunities that are also available.
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